Tahnee Purcell — Cheating, Lying Ugly A55 Skank From The Country

Tahnee Purcell — Cheating Lying Ugly A55 Skank From The Country. Here is the skank who slept with my sweet friends boyfriend at the time. the slut just can’t seem to keep her legs closed. she already has two kids with some other dude. hard to keep up with this ugly pooch. she looks about a decade older than she is, sleeps with every man. get tested if she touches you… she starves herself, hair falling out, bags and wrinkles galore. she pretends to be a good person but she is a cheating, dirty whore who only lies and steals from those around her. Tahnee Purcell smells like rotting tuna. keep working at [REDACTED] for the rest of your pathetic life and pop out more kids to pretend to love, watch your man around this one! so gross looking and disgusting how she pretends to be a good person.

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