Carly Frobisher — The Girl That Likes Sloppy Seconds

This women here is a piece of work her man has cheated on her 3 times now and has made 3 different kids while cheating he doesnt pay a dime or see any of them she left him and ran right back to him after he impregnated yet again another women got a serious question do those women taste good this girl is fuked she likes to fuk her man right after he has fuked another b1tch she’s all about pepsi, mushrooms and pot and runs to Sheldon her man everytime she needs her fix enjoy being a junkie she also drinks daily to numb the pain sheldon has caused her she also does drugs infront of her son she really likes sloppy seconds she also allows Sheldon Henkel to take there son in a vehicle and he doesn’t buckle him in his car seat unfit b1tch puts her son in danger just so she gets a break fuking sick b1tch go get an std test done Sheldon has given her drds multiple times and yet she keep taking him back fuking sick you deserve eachother

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