Luke Contois Judgemental, Body Shaming, Slandering Racist

This is Luke Contois aka Luke Young. He judges people he’s never met and people who have never heard of them by attacking them and then bashing them on his Facebook page. He’s a transgender piece of sh1t that thinks he’s something when in reality he’ll never be shit. He’s a cat fish, he’s fat with a massive double chin, stretch marks all over his fat body and crazy under eye bags that draw your attention immediantley. He truly believes he’s cute and some type of photogenic model, but he looks like any other typical native kid. His poor family must’ve died when he put on his first caked on face of makeup. Luke Young feels good about himself by talking down on white people, her claims he’s anti bullying when it comes to racism. YOU ARE THE RACIST LMAO. It shouldn’t matter the skin tone, but to Luke if you’re white he’ll bash you for it. Luke is one of the most pathetic people in this city and is honestly a huge waste of skin, breathe, blood. And have you seen this fatty without makeup? Lol he knows he’s an ugly guy who wanted to play with makeup and try to be a pretty girl. If you’d ever heard of this goof, it’s probably because he’s trying to start random drama with you, your family or friends, or has posted trying to humiliate one of you without even knowing who tf you are. Choke on d1ck luke

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