Shantelle Lynn Moore Manipulative, Liar, And A Heartless Cheater

Shantelle Lynn Moore Manipulative, Liar, And A Heartless Cheater.Calling this woman cold hearted is a compliment, she is completely heartless. She plays the act in the beginning claiming she loves you and your the only one for her but it’s an act. Once she had ahold of you she will bleed you of your $ in a hurry. She also claims to go out with friends almost every weekend and come to find out she was always going to see other guys, most likely the next poor soul she can manipulate. She has zero remorse for anything she does or the damage she does as long as she gets what she wants. She cheats and lies about it, manipulates every guy she can. Once she has got everything she wants out of you she will vanish without a word. Then a cpl weeks will go buy and you will start hearing rumors about yourself she spread to make herself look like the victim and you the bad guy. She’s just not a good person and doesn’t care who she hurts or takes from so if you want to keep your dignity I would definitely stay away from her…she’s a scam artist.

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Jim Rogers — Seattle, Washington

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