Ryan Genaille — Cheating Lying Deadbeat Women Abuser

Ryan Genaille — Cheating Lying Deadbeat Women Abuser. This goof Ryan Genaille aka pnutty goldust is wanted by the cops for domestic violence. hes too scared to go to jail so he keeps using his bb mom to live off and hide. he is a chronic lying deadbeat cheater, who cant keep a job,. Hes been with his bb mom for 20 yrs,but you see him on all these dating sites. He is a pig who cant keep it in his pants especially when hes drunk and thats like everyday. So now he has Prostate cancer, shouldve kept in your pants Nutty!! He went crying to his bb moms with his pity cancer story he was a homeless jobless loser who needed somewhere to stay and someone to live off. he seriously thought the world was ending but now that it isnt .. he goes nd punches his bb mom so he can run away to be a whore again. watch out ladies he will use you cheat on you and hurt you if he doesnt get his way. he had drd in feb from those pigs off of POF.

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