Todd Moggey — Narcissist

Todd Moggey is a narcissist hes got NPD,,,,he doesnt tell anyone about the DRD because he thinks its ok to spread it,,,he claims to be single but really hes got girlfriends on the side,,,he adds random girls on facebook then messages them and ask if they wanna hang out,,,he uses woman,,,,if hes caught cheating he`ll tell you he doesnt know that girl or he`ll claim he never seen her in his life…he`ll call you the crazy one and tell you that you need to block those people.but really hes the crazy one for doing dirty,,,,he says all woman are obsessed with him like really gross,,,just so he can cover his lies,,,he believes his own lies,,,ive never met a guy like him that lies so much,,hes on dating sites so he can get the next victim,,,,todd moggey is a cheater/crackhead so beware hes a narcissist lies through and through…. he gets so mad when you tell him the truth.

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