Lisa Greenway — Home Wrecker

I lnow you can’t make a man cheat unless he wants to but this girl knows he is in a long term relationship and sleeps with him knowing full welll he got 3 little kids at home and is a mom herself. Not only does she sleep witb this girls bf but she films it . Then when she gets caught she doesn’t apologize but threatens the gf to have her kids taken.awaY and 5he calls the gf names and threatens her cop brother against the gf even though Lisa is pepsi head and fucks and films her sex well her kids are at there dads. After u breaK up a family then involve innocent kids to get taken.away .I dont believe in talking sh1t about ppls appearance so I won’t tell u about her wide pink a55hole or her saggy stomach. Or the fact she fuked him.with no onion. Lisa ita not over wrong b1tch wrong kids to threaten . She is very pretty face but her personality ruins it.

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