Nadine From Tinder — Dirty Tinder Nadine

fuking pig Nadine is one to watch out for. Hooked up with this narcissist on tinder and I could not stand her for one fuking second but I decided to play it cool and just get in and get out. So this dumb b1tch decides to drink a whole pile of alcohol get white girl wasted starts yapping about her exes starts talking about how great her boobs are blah blah blah blah blah. To the point I had to get myself a few drinks just to tolerate this dumb b1tch. Your typical cake face attention seeking whore who pretty much whines when she speaks. Fast forward to the evening and I bring her back to my place and we start getting it on. Should’ve worn a condom with this one because a week later I had sores developing on my penis and yet she ended up giving me drd. This pig has ruined my life in every aspect of the word and I really wish I could get a hold of her to let her know to keep her fuking pants on or give a warning to anyone else thinking of sleeping with her. Don’t let the looks fool you. it’s all make up and she looks brutal without it. yuck.

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