Ruth Mia Hurrell — Attention Seeking Sl*T ( A Cautionary Tale)

Ladies and gentlemen. This right here is Ruth. She also calls here-self Mia or @MIAHURRELL on Instagram. I dated this chick and used to fly her to come see me a lot only to realize that she was sleeping with 3 other guys at the same time as me. She has no morals and pretends to be successful when she is not. She uses her body to get to the wallets of unsuspecting victims. She is simply attention seeking would do anything just to get a bit of attention and money. She has has had DRD’s it’s not even funny anymore. I had no idea but apparently she is well known for being repeatedly infected. Also gave me a permanent disease and my life has not been the same. All because of her now I can’t have a normal life and have to explain myself to every new partner I have. Guard your wallets, and mostly guard your health, make sure you wrap it up when dealing with this one.

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