Zack Friedl — Clean Your Teeth

Zack Friedl — Clean Your Teeth. Hello this is Zack Friedl he thinks he’s windsor biggest stud but really biggest a55hole I know ! I used to his patient, he would flirt and make jokes. I went on a date with him and we started hooking up. He would tell I’m the only girl in his life. We would fuck in his office or on the chair. He msg me told me one day that he needs space and it wasn’t working out. I found out he was fuking 3 other girls beside me, and played and lied to us . Flash forward 2 months later found out he gave my friend a drd and now I’m carrying his kid. I called him and texted him about him knocking me up and his response was it’s not my child . Your the only guy I have had sex with in 2020! Windsor and ladies this man is a fukin scvm bag, thinks because he’s got money and a house he can be a fuk boy! Ladies and windsor meet this biggest jerk!! I will keep posting more stuff about you until you accept you get me knocked up and be There for our child ! Ladies be careful he has drds and he makes you feel special but he has you and other girls ! Ps I sold that gold necklace you gave me b1tch Your a fukin sh1t person !!!!!!!!

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