Rose Lord — She’s Still Going Strong…

Rose Lord — She’s Still Going Strong….She just dont stop. How is this girl not on blast??????? I dunno know what she does more of… filtered selfies or body pics. this chick has nothing better to do than take slutty a55 pics at the age of 32 to get men sliding in her DMs. You have a 9 year old ma’am, go be a mom. Mother your child instead of dumping him off so you can go be a slut with anyone black in Winnipeg n makin him believe u with an athlete livin yo fairy tale life. Imagine your child seeing these half naked pics of you n knowing what u really do when you dump him off. The thirst is real… it’s a pathetic desperate look. Go get yourself a real job instead of all different serving jobs all over the city n gettin people to pay ur bills. You getting old, time to grown up and stop chasin us. Side note – stop painting on those thick brows, it ain’t a good look.

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