Jason Comeau — Perv Husband Hunts Young Ladies

Jason Comeau Perv Husband Hunts Young Ladies.This dirty driller Jason Comeau from Smithers is like in his 40’s, married and has 3 children. He constantly hunts for young women (18-23) on social media, POF, Tinder, Match, the classifieds, bars and breweries. He’s a sneaky, slimey, lying, master manipulator who will send the very same naked dick pic while sexting a bunch of young girls all at once. He’ll even video himself while away at work camp jerking off on his drill. He’ll video himself at camp fuking his hand outside behind a tree and he’ll send the same video to multiple girls. He brags about fuking several different girls a week, even 2 different young ones in the same day. His old pecker don’t hardly work so he constantly watches twisted young porn to get hard. He will come across as a good nice honest guy, but he will manipulate, lie and lie and lie. His wife at home found genital warts all over his d1ck after he returned home from camp. Beware…young, single, old and even married ladies, this dirty sneaky sex perv will be looking for you! Keep your small town safe!

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