Nycole Parisian — Baby Momma Drama

Nycole Parisian — Baby Momma Drama. Well this ones gonna be fun this is nycole Parisian and boy do we got some dirt to kick up with this one first of all this is Anton tressors baby momma he’s a dead beat and she’s a huge drunk she took her kid on a tinder date to a crack house when he was 3 months old like what! She’s had 3 boyfriends in her sons like Anton the father and some guy named sebi and another dude named Devon now she broke up with sebi and started seeing Devon shortly after dating Devon she cheated on him more then once and even lied to his face about it after I showed him proof then he ditched her for the weekend and dumped her she neglects her son Dayton from what Iv heard she tosses him in a high chair all day and feeds him till he passes out sad life and sad excuse for a mother

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