Travis Alford — Beware Of This Creep At The Gym And Bars

Creep squad!!!!! This man preys on insecure women and uses his position at a fitness center to lure them in with his “workouts.” He loves to talk about his morning wood and will always ask for nudes. His gf of 8 years has caught him multiple times with girls from The Dirty and even some of their mutual friends. He’s a low life cheater and doesn’t care about his family the slightest..anything to cvm. His life is empty and lacking intimacy. He cheated on the gf while she was pregnant with his son with a girl named Whitney Smith in Lewisville TX. Then he was caught fuking a little whore named Gabby Kerr (she’s on this page) twice after the gf gave birth to their daughter. He was then caught begging for nudes from mutual friends. His gf will probably take off with their children soon. If you see him, steer clear. He thinks women are property and just uses them as toys to jerk off with (his words, not mine.) He also used to work at Bottled Blonde, Concrete Cowboy and Knockouts…all fine establishments for some cheap pu55y.

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