Maxine Shuster — Should Undergo An Extreme Makeover

Maxine Shuster of Winnipeg is an ugly and cruel restaurant owner, in urgent need of an extreme, tip to toe, inside and out, makeover. The fat and rude Maxine bullies both staff and customers for years, on a daily basis. The rumor around is that years ago she underwent a surgery that removed her soul to make more space for the large stomach. Perhaps it is time for this beached whale to have another medical intervention, reversing the damage of the previous. A good chance to also get finally rid of the double chin and the 95 pounds mole that’s on her a55. We wish her luck with all this. In any event, we have no plans to ever again attend her shitty cafeteria that she somehow insists on calling a restaurant. As it is enough to just see her around to lose any appetite.

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