Karla And Elias Arias — Skankiest Couple In Houston

Karla And Elias Arias — Skankiest Couple In Houston. Meet Karla and Elias (Eli) Arias! Eli was cheating on his wife with Karla for a year! He ended up leaving his wife for her and the two are going around living their best life’s with no shame or remorse. I think it’s about time the two of them got what was coming to them, and let the whole world know what pieces of human waste the two of them are! Some things to know about Eli: He looks like a toucan, he is a HUGE mama’s boy, he’s soft AF, his tattoos are garbage, he can’t put something as simple as a chair together, and he has trouble performing in bed. Things to know about Karla: she has intestinal issues which results in her having constant diarrhea (probably from all the back door action), she vomits like crazy (although that’s time because she needs to lose some weight), and she is a fake Christian. Eli and Karla if you’re reading this know that your lives together are cursed since the day you started your nasty life together and you will most certainly reap what you have sowed.

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