Lothar Ocholda — Internet Caretaker Predator

This is Lothar he pulls his pants down to kids in the apartment building in north kildolan he’s calls him self a big natzi lives for free but yet can’t even do his job his mouth is pu55ing due to the infection s of many sorts. He’s DRD positive and spits all over your face when he’s showing you an apartment you want to rent, 5 year waiting list to rent so y’all be patient. Due to this rotten soul he’s caused single parents to lose their homes because of his sexual advances. Lothar is a rat ,he ratted out his sister Sharon she just got 6months in the pen, he ratted on his nephew he did time to. This rat only got house arrest. He loves to pile up his garbage out side his bedroom window of the apartment because he’s to scared to walk to the garbage bin alone. To top it off Sharon Golden a relative Al Golden. All sexual predators and roaming freely. Winnipeg BEWARE of that area and these rotting souls.

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