LORI LEE — Watch Out For This Stealing Homewrecker

Meet Lori Lee shes close to 50 now She screwed around with my father, lurked behind him watching from the table at the bar waiting for him to get drunk after approaching she kept asking him to buy her drinks, aside from being a whore shes a plus plus size women thinking her sh1t dont stink and calling people out for discriminating her about her size Shes got a few kids here and there, Ironically the daughter she didn’t raise ended up just like her a bar star, rude, mouthy, cheater, liar, thieving, You only use people who you think benefit you When I didn’t anymore you called me a little tramp because I didn’t like what you were doing with my father, Your trashy your hateful and you like to threaten people without even knowing whats going on. Yeah defend your sleeze bag daughter and tell all your friends what a psyco this man’s wife was when she caught you both trying to wreck a happy home, just so someone would be with your daughter, sorry not the way to do things. Your alone, all your friends are washed up trash all you do is rag on everyone elsen so it’s your turn now.

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