Klyona Sumner — Walking DRDS

Klyona Sumner — Walking DRDS. Im surprised this girl wasnt posted on here yet! How many drds she been giving and passing around. Damn im shocked that NOBODY aint blasting this girl for the horrible things she has done to people like not tell them the truth about DRDs she passes around then says it wasnt her who gave them! Then an hour later end up blocked? Seems sketchy to me.. Top it off this girl doesnt even keep her babyboy necauee shocker…. Good moms dont shoot up and smoke crack infront of their child! Shes going to deny everything that comes to her because she is already fuked in the head & thinks everyone owes her something just because BOTH of her parents gave up on her for DRUGS gives her the excuse to do the same thing to that poor innocent baby! Oh not to mention that this girl and her babydad was still doing drugs when she was big&prego! Then he went to bummy jail for a few months & she thought she was ” clean ” just to go back to tjat guy and do drugs all over again. Her babydad used to get homeboys to come run a train after the shoot up just to get more drugs. And she wonders where the DRD came from! Rumours has it she does anything for a few points. I dont know about this girl but men and girls should stay away because she has stickyfingers & robbed my grandpa for his last bit of money just for a fix! Saying shes been sober and wants to do better with her life! Girl didnt u shoot up behind garbagebins with ur crackhead friends, always hanging atound main&portage with your other crackhead cousins Sav&Sonja HAHA NOT TO MENTION U GIRLS ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER SELLING A55 ON THE STREET & EVEN PUTTING UP AN AD LASTWEEK FOR HERSELF ! GIRL GET SOME CLASS & YOUR BABY BACK! (PS. Go get your medications already to clear that musty green sh1t that comes out of your Vag, im pretty sure that Drds Sick.

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