Kaylee Letandre — Pepsi Sloozy Who Sleeps With Cousins

Kaylee Letandre — Pepsi Sloozy Who Sleeps With Cousins. This girl is nothing but a sloozy who sells herself for pepsi, she even dated her cousin. Rumours have it they slept together too. Kaylee has anger issues, she will knock random people out for no reason. She is narcissistic, she thinks shes all that, meanwhile everyone hates her. Kaylee lies about her accomplishments saying she is a vegan and a future vet, but she got rejected from school. Not to mention she bums off the government. When she got Cerb she spent it all on pepsi and alcohol because she is also an alcoholic. plus she gets pregnant a lot and goes to get an abortion every time, she uses abortion as birth control. She will try to sleep with her friends boyfriends too, some of them do sleep with her, others don’t cuz they know shes a floozy who sells herself. Kaylee is hated by most if not all of her friends. No one really likes her because of her anger issues, she is controlling and manipulative, thats the only reason she has friends.Not to mention she has brick eyebrows.

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