Morgan Wysote — Keep You Legs Closed

Morgan Wysote — Keep You Legs Closed. Lets just start off by saying this girl is the biggest slut in mtl. She’s from Listiguj and even there shes known for being a whore. She lost custody of her two daughters because all she wanted to do was party and fuk any guy who gave her drugs and alchohol. She went from dating Aaron one of her baby daddies, left her cause she kept cheating, the her baby daddy brandon takes care of her second daughter because once again she hops from d1ck to d1ck All thus slut is looking for a place to stay and get drunk and do drugs wahhh She went from living with aaron to brandon to fuking every single member from cpw funk atb And her last bf didn’t even want her pu55y smelt rotten !!! She now has ANOTHER baby with jessy smh. Poor jessy little do u know this whore of yours cheats on you all the time hopefully you do a paternity test for ur sake. Knowing Morgan she will probably end up abandoning yet another child STOP REPRODUCING MORGAN YOUR THE WORST MOTHER ON EARTH. On fb she takes pics with her daughters to make it seem she loves them but clearly loves d1ck and drugs more since this is her 3rd baby daddy GROSS.

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