Christina Croxen — The Ugly MUTT

Gurl you look like your mixed with a dog,your so ugly. This gurl has like 10 kids and shes like 30 years old yooooo Yur wit men that always beat you and lock you up in closets Yur mum raised yur kids half their life and now that Yuu havee emm Yuu think Yuur Mother of the fkn Year,dude stop bringing men home & letting Yuur children watch Yuu get beat stop being sleezy, Be a mother take care of Yur babies lets hope they aint as trashy as Yuu when they grow. Go put yuur hair up brush yuur damn teeth and clean yur nasty house. Stop sellin yur stanky a55 pu55y & get a Fkn job. Yuu R Verdun TRASH at its FINEST!

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