Evelina Troli — Psycho From Ndg @Evatroli On IG

Evelina Troli Psycho From Ndg @Evatroli On IG. If you know, you know Evelina Troli or maybe you don’t … High key H0E . This b1tch will eat a girls pu55y from a mile away to be anybody’s bestfriend Longest story, SOOO lets keep it short We know she suks A million d1cks already… She’s honest about knowing how So you’ll definitely know her by FACE Most likely owes you money or forgot to fuk you for doing her a favor It’s crazy cause the girl is privilege and she wants the streets but with dignity Once a body positive self proclaim thick b1tch. Now she’s cracked out.

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Brett Bryngelson of Los Angeles, CA is a pedophile