Julian Roberts Sociopath On The Warpath

Julian Roberts Sociopath On The Warpath. Hey ladies and probably gentleman just wanted to warn everyone about this lying scumbag. Slept with one of his best friends ex girlfriends all while having a few other girls on the go. Thankfully he was caught red handed but he will try again, if he doesn’t charm you with his words maybe his soon to be bald head will do the trick no ? Ok how about the room he rents in his brothers house in north wolsley or his 2k a month consumer proposal still not sold fine have a look at his smashed up 2015 corolla. Thats what happens when you drink and drive multiple times a week you can find the dirt bag at the viscount gort or the silver heights lounge really any dark place he can hide from his fellow city of winnipeg managers. Remember if those smooth lines don’t get you the gingivitis will.

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