Meet Sonja MCKinley!!

Meet Sonja MCKinley!!. Meet Sonja Mckinley. She is a 46 year old woman who is currently married. She had an affair with my husband while they both worked at the same place. She approached him at work and despite what her husbands says she approached him FIRST. She pretended to care about him but really all she was after was s*x. She clearly told him in an email that all she was after was s*x. WOW!! This w***e blew up my husbands phone and email. She is very aggressive and even asked him to send her nudes. She thinks that sleeping with other people’s husbands are okay and it is apparent that she she has no self-respect or class. She knew that we just lost a child a year prior and used the fact that he was struggling mentally to get what she wanted. She is a piece of work. She admitted it in emails that she knew he was in a dark place. She used that to her advantage. I honestly believe what my husband has told me about her. Never has he not admitted his part. However, I do believe him when he says that he didn’t want to have s*x her. She asked him to meet her on a side road in broad day light and she spread her legs in the back of her car. She is the one that pulled his pants down!! She is a true w***e. She then pursued him more aggressively after they have s*x and when he tried to push her away she didn’t get it. I think this woman thinks that everyone wants her. Who wants a woman who has no class and will spread her legs for anyone. She is a miserable person and doesn’t do anything but complain about how much she hates her husband. If that is the case, leave him and leave other woman’s husbands alone! Her husband thinks that I should care about the fact that they have girls and that they may be viewed in the same light as their mother. Well, did your w***e of a wife think about my girls when she was spreading her legs. No! All she cared about was herself and she didn’t care about the lives she would impact and I 100% believe she still don’t. She even had the nerve to create a fake facebook and contact my decreased child’s siblings and pretend to be me. WOW!!! This was the straw that broke the camels back. Then it gets better. She even had the nerve to tell me your will kick my a*s. Last time, I checked you are the w***e and you cheated with my husband. I think she lady is truly messed up in the head and she lacks any kind of morals. I believe that these people get off on ruining people’s lives. They think it’s a game. Well. I call it Karma. I do not care how many times you post my husbands picture up, I will continue to let people know that you are a w***e and that woman need to watch out for you and ensure that you cannot put someone else through what myself has gone through. I LOST MY SON A YEAR AGO AND FOR YOU TO KNOW THIS AND NOT CARE TELLS ME THAT YOU ARE THE MOST MIERABLE PERSON IN THE WORLD AND I HOPE ONEDAY YOU FEEL MY PAIN. Now, I am still grieving my son and always will and now I have to deal with you crazy a*s people who clearly do not care about anyone else. I, wish nothing good for you people and I hope that whomever reads this stays away from you. Trust me, its been 6 months and they still have continued to contact us about this drama like they are getting off on it. Maybe one day you people will understand what leave us alone means. When that happens, this will all stop!!

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