Jessica Baran — Winnipeg’s “Grampy Grabber” Jessica Is Only Into Old Men Twice Her Age And Ready To Retire.

Let me introduce this mentally ill girl.This attention whore loves to hop from man to man and can never be loyal to the guy she’s with. She will give head to any guy as long as her services are paid to support her habits She has a thing for men twice her age. She’s currently involved with a married man her fathers age. and is destroying a family with no remorse. If see her drunk this girl is well known to take her clothes off for any guy who pays her the slightest attention. She will spread her legs ( bareback) to any guy who looks her way. I have witnessed this many times. I could go on forever but I just wanna give the warning.. as good as it looks ” The juice isn’t worth the squeeze” Be careful of this pathetic disturbed girl.

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