Matthew Shorting — Un-Motivating, Boring, Redundant LOSER.

This guy Matthew claims to be a Motivational Speaker. Sure, he grew up in poverty, his mom was a drunk, he ended up in foster homes and got abused. Then one time he boarded a bus and got stabbed…the end! This is such a common story of MOST aboriginal kids in Winnipeg buddy. WHAT MAKES YOUR STORY SO MOTIVATING? Matthew went to a school to tell his lame story to the youth. He kept looking at his watch and just rambled on about his life. It was like he’s told the SAME OL STORY like 500 times before! So what makes you a motivational speaker Matthew? Quit hanging off buddy’s coat strings and actually do SOMETHING with your life. Your story is really nothing special, and the way you tell it clearly shows that. Time to man-up and stop thinking your something special because you aren’t

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