Jesse Squires And Russel Grandboid — Winnipeg Predator Alert

Jesse Squires And Russel Grandboid — Winnipeg Predator Alert.So these two goofs run Winnipeg predator alert and get off on making slanderous post and destroying people lives without going through the proper steps to protect real victims. These two gentleman ruin people lives, they cyber bully, try to pick fights with people but only when there in a crew and do not follow the law. They extort people. These two individuals are just small men who in reality are just classic douche bags who never got laid in high school and just trying to act righteous.. The two names are Jessie Squires and Russel Grandbold. These group started off as a good thing but has become out of control and become a thing used for cyber bullying. There also douchebag ex’s of mine.

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