Autumn Marie Bandy — Dirty Rotting Meth Mouth Drunk On The Prowl Fellas….

This dirty piece of trailer trash is the spawn from hell…she thinks it’s okay to mess with married men and play games with peoples families. This woman, if you can even call her that, has no moral or ethical bones in her body and uses men for sex, drugs and money. On the side this skank likes to dabble around with a little fraud. Only thing more disgusting than this troll faced piece of crap who worms her way into your relationships is her belief in herself and that she is a decent, honest human being. Perhaps her junkie mom should have taught her you don’t piss in your own backyard because you WILL get caught up…hopefully this genetic defect of hers isn’t hereditary, if so watch out world. Bandy you’re the lowest form of any human being I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting, I feel sorry for your family and your son having to be related to such a huge worthless waste of space.

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