Liar Liar Pants On Fire- Chantel Hines-Mcmerty

Nik, you want the honest gossip on this chick? She loves to effing lie to anyone who listens. claims to whoever shes speaks to shes happy but lonely ask her to chill or anything she avoids n runs. My bro would ask to meet her and the guy shes living with now. Doesn’t like her leaving minus work. Would offer to meet my boy after her clients for the day cause she a respite worker yet mentioned how she stopped schooling to come out here. Like wtf. Who would hire this bish? Yes shes been called out for screwim with my boy. Promised him shit too, like meet ups, hangouts, hookups. Problem is she won’t stop messaging my bro and straight up lying from other accounts either sht. She nothing but drama wherever this c word goes. She leads ya on. Then as soon as ya call her out on anything. She straight up blocks ya. Clear as day shes with someone else from these photos. Idk Nik. I think people best avoid this ho

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