Sandy Chen — Sandy The Dumbest Asian Gold Digger

Sandy Chen — Sandy The Dumbest Asian Gold Digger. This girl got married to who she thought is the prince of vancouver, in 2019 end of the year. then he went bankrupt in 2020 lol he was cheating on her naive stupid cbc a55 all the time but she refuses to acknowledge cuz she knows posing in front of a hotel rolls royce is the biggest achievement she can have in life her husband is the laugh of town especially in the asian elite circles hes broke and stingy and shes a stupid gold digger that doesnt even know the difference between asset and cashflow lmao her sister is a dumb gold digger too her wedding looked so cheap and her cheap husband made her wear the same wedding dress twice like who does that sandy, even the vancouver drug dealers spend more money on their girlfriends now you just popping out kids before age 30, which is the whole point he married you. young dumb naive and easy to control/cheat on. you ever wonder why the hot girls with options dont even bother seeing his a55?? yes hes been begging to see numerous girls while he was dating you but some dont even give him time of the day.

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