Shawnell Huschka Counts — Homewrecking Troll

Shawnell Huschka Counts Homewrecking Troll. Shawnell aka Shawnasty is a 31 year old Home wrecking whore. All of the married men she dates are complete losers and drug addicts just like hersel. must have some Major daddy issues because she only dates men that are at least 15 years older than her and she still lives at home with her mommy when she isnt in a drug rehab (is a total Pepsi head). Back in the day she was a girl on girl porn star And she’s been known to hand out an DRD or 2. Not only does she have sex with these men she also becomes involved in illegitimate relationships with these married men. Oh did I forget to mention that she is also married herself? Her poor husband pines after her but she’s too busy wrecking the next home and the next guy who either just got out of prison or is about to go back in. While one man’s in prison she moves on to the next and sometimes they’re even friends or roommates. She has no regard for anything other than her disgusting troll looking self. When the wife of one of her victims tried to approach her she hid in the house and would not come outside. she wants to play the game but doesn’t want to pay the consequences. Beware ladies lock up all the men in your lives because no one is safe from her filthy grips.

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