Jayna Moise Big Eyed Pepsihead

Jayna Moise Big Eyed Pepsihead. Hello Nik, this is Jayna Moise. Her nickname is big eyes due to the simple fact that she always has huge eyes from smoking pepsi with her dead beat mother Josephine Moise. Not to mention Jayna smokes the bubble with Keishya Fontaine on the down low. Jayna loves to make up lies about other girls she hates because she is jealous. Jayna is a lowkey pepsi head hiding her addiction like her pepsihead mother. All Jayna does is lie to make herself the victim, and when confronted she runs behind a screen to talk sh1t. This b1tch is so psycho she threatens a child’s life and continues to threaten that child’s life because she was beaten up by that child’s mother. Which brings me to that fact that Jayna Moise can not fight what so ever! Little Miss priss only pulls hair and pushes. But tries to act all solid when really she’s just a scared little pepsi head just like her mother Josephine. Jayna is just mad because her sister chose to ditch her for the sake of her child and child on the way. Like boo boo why so mad? Because you lost in a fight and your embarrassed about it. Grow up Jayna your almost 30 years old stop acting like your 16. Jayna is just a low life pepsi head and bubble smoker that hides it from the world. But now she deserves to be put on blast!.

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