Been hooking up with this Slot for a while and found out she messes with married guys and dudes with gfs in parking lots and old rich dudes.TO ALL WHO ARE victims TO HER INSIDIOUS COMPLEMENTS, she’ll stab you in the back or lead you along just to get what she wants. without ever ” giving in” She will do ANYTHING for attention from dudes. She said sometimes she’ll play hard to get then go M.I.A for a while just to test if a dude will keep chasing her, she’ll txt me things like ”she misses me, asks me if I want kids, calls me ”daddy” then reminisces over what we do together ($ex, travel, dinners, our makeout sessions in my car) ‘ just to keep me around to miss her then she bails when we plan on meeting up. it’s her way of luring you into wanting more. so one day I decided to look in her phone because something wasn’t adding up with this Cvn* Conner, Brooks, Matt H, Keenan, Steven Soltero, Sean farvr, John alexander, Jean Edy, Rayn, Matt M, Nick K and Taylor Chris, I can keep going but those are just some familiar chumps I was outraged to see in her messages/texts. she’s been playing this ‘’hard to get’’ but now I know where she goes when shes ”busy”, I read some of her texts, to find out she has a couple of sugar daddy’s, she was on Matt h’s yacht a couple of times, EVEN at Dan Bilzerins house, ‘’Thanks for extending my flight dan’’-Chrissy. was a text she wrote to dan And it is known the only way you get an invite and FLIGHT extended is because you’re letting him D17k you down. She even spent 2 nights at dan’s and posted having morning breakfast made by his chefs, Must of taken a lot of d17k to be reworded with breakfast and a 2-night stay at his personal home with him.YIK. This egoistic cun7 calls herself a gamer, puts on 60 pounds of makeup to workout then add’s on a push-up bra when webcamming with guys online for $$$ looking like a porn star .. she also tried to pursue acting and failed when realizing looks n sucking D*k doesn’t get you far. she’d only message me when her chumps with $$$ weren’t around to spoil her or she wasn’t on someone’s yacht. she’s just another girl who obtains no Value, Quality or a Brain.. Good luck to her future EX husbandS LOL. fSksn Slot. **SPOILER ALERT*** when she thinks she’s losing your attention or you got into another relationship she will trY to whore her way back to you by sending the ” I miss you” text. speaking from experience and what I read on her phone.. – signing off as just another victim. #KisssOfdeath #LikeMotherLikeDaughter #Raisingh0res

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