Ethan Penner – Emo Alcoholic

This kid has a death wish and you can clearly tell. Meet Ethan Penner the 18 yr old stuck up insecure loser who can’t get a decent looking chick. DATING A girl he knows cheats on him , he really doesn’t give a damn. He portrays a fake lifestyle and isn’t about the streets. He’s a shook kid and hasn’t even been in a fight before cause he’s too scared to show up. He lives with his mommy who does absolutely everything for him. All he’s good for is smoking dope and flipping burgers this kid acts edgy and it’s so cringe and makes people uncomfortable. His friends are fake and always have called him strange and annoying. This kid is a psycho!! Probably painting his nails right now… LOL The amount of sh1t his girl has talked about him is disgusting and she doesn’t even care about him. He’s slept around with girls 15 years old or younger OVER and over and will always deny it cause he’s a loser. He talks to girls on a whole different Snapchat, which is disgusting! He works at McDonald’s and barely makes enough to pay his phone bill. He has a lot of mental health issues that him his girl or mommy will never help him with. This kid looks 12 in the face and malnourished in his body. he needs to lay off the xxxtentacion and eat some food with his bony looking self… LOL

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