Layton Christopher Hartwick REpost, Took A While, Sloth Style

Layton Christopher Hartwick REpost, Took A While, Sloth Style.About half of these claims are true, or semi true. The ones which aren’t, aren’t even sensible enough to pay tribute to. In all due respect though, he does all he can to make the girls see, what’s to become. And it’s in its own sense, correct. Bc for the time of fun, the times you’ll be left to remember, of love, of caresses, of the man making you his everything to his universe, are what you’ll have the rest of your life. He’ll have showed you the way a man is to treat a woman… Then he gets a bit bored or scared or too comfortable or realises just what he’s already lost, and it hurts. And he’s got to go. He’s a great person. He was my best friend. I need him n he’s gone and im hurt on very real levels from his absence. But even in this reality. I can’t say much against him. Yeah he’s a good one to roll around with if u can adjust to knowing it’s not only you. So what? Yes, he is going to lie to hide some truths, bc it isn’t his perogsti e to hurt you. Yes, he’s a bit younger in personality than the thirty n change years he’s been living, and he’s also many years older than those in other areas. If you don’t pay attn, the WORST mind fuk. But fuk. He’ll help you n teach you n hold u up, why not take that and see what u can offer to him?

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