Desarae Chymy slutty Pepsihead

This here is Desarae chymy or she goes by Des or Dessy. this girl is one of the biggest, most ratchet sluts in Fisher Branch/Winnipeg. She has no life so she sits around all day trying to promote her premium Snapchat which no one pays for cause she’s flat as fck. She has no job never even graduated from high school but has time to post her tits and pancake ass all over her instagram lmao. Dylan (her bf who was in jail) cheated on her while he was working in berta but she has such low self worth she went running back to him. Dylan and des are both cokeheads… desarae asking where to buy pepsi on her Snapchat. This chick has been tossed around more times than a salad she’s going nowhere in life because her reputation is garbage because all she does is pepsi and be a fcking skank. Get a real life or maybe even a real job.

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