Tamara Jahn And Peter Tinsey– Women User And Abuser With Drd

This guy Peter Tinsey has 2-3 sometimes 4 girls and ex wife hanging in the balance. He abandoned the girl he left his wife for telling her and her family she was moving out there while she’s still in California she would give him 1500$ a month and left her to take care of HIS kid, from his ex wife. He was trying to get with a female family member he literally was stalking her while seeing some crackhead lady named Tamara Jahn.. who lives in St.clair Michigan down steer from him, after he literally stalked the female family member to the point her bf has to tell him to back off… his dad died and he’s selling off his moms jewelry running his dads credit cards up and not paying them…ruining his dads credit, honor and selling off the precious replicas his dad worked so hard to make of all Lake Michigan freighters…he’s broke living large off his dads money and her… he has to take viagra to get it up, and he doesn’t bathe for days and doesn’t brush his teeth and sh1ts in his pants and his feet fuking reek… he’s a 6’5 loser deadbeat dad. He’s got her because she’s in real estate and he wants to get his sisters part of the house too… the estate is in probate… he sends unsolicited d1ck pics of his crooked a55 d1ck he is so addicted to porn he’s desensitized and can’t cum with a woman… he’s a predator!! Women of Saint Clair shores beware!!

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