Cheyanne Mckeen — Pathological Liar – Sh1t Mother

Cheyanne Mckeen — Pathological Liar – Sh1t Mother. This girl is an absolutely disgusting excuse for a human being. She is a pathological liar. With absolutely zero regard to her child/child’s best interest. She’s ruined tons of friendships and relationships with her constant bullshit. She’s made up lies about being rich, about being poor. About the father of her child trying to abort the baby with a coat hanger, about him beating her, about her mother who she lives with in a 55+ building beating her, she’s lied about sleeping with her best friend’s fiancé, about getting nudes from people and sleeping with people who are in a relationship, she lies to the government about her income and her living situation so she can get that free money, she doesn’t bother to look for a job let alone hold one. She literally dumps her child on her mother for her “flavour of the month” aka whoever’s desperate enough to date her. She also stayed somewhere where she didn’t pay rent even though she was supposed to and left the room her child slept in disgusting, A shitty and pissy mattress that was brand new mouldy food and sh1t underneath her crib. To top that she let her kids cry and scream and throw tantrums and ignores it to sit on Instagram. She also claims to be A photographer but she charges $80 to take pictures on a broken iPhone and edits them using FaceTune. This girl is absolutely disgusting, you cannot trust a single thing she says/does. I hope she gets whatever fuking karma she deserves. PS: enjoy the picture of her kids room, you can literally see moldy fuking food, and how disgusting she kept everything. Half that sh1t was brand new a month ago.

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