Brian (Bryan) Morrison Certified Pychopath

This is Bryan, take a look at BOTH his names in the court registry and you will see he has a mile long track record of protection orders, domestic violence charges, time in the puch ward and divorces. He is incredibly insecure, clingy and DANGEROUS. He starts off charming, kind and nice but the second he thinks you are not interested, he does a complete 180. Blows up your phone, with messages, phone calls (he has two phones) and if that doesn’t work to get your attention. He will post you on here. If he doesn’t already have your personal information he will use any means to get it, even using personal information he finds through casting agencies. If you see this guy, RUN, run far away before you need a protection order just to keep yourself safe. When showing a cop his record, he advised me this guy has all the markers for a pychopath.

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