Quinn Batts — Loser Junkie Bad Father Terrible Husband And Boyfriend

This guy is Quinn M Batts. This guy is a lying piece of work he’s a user and a mental case he likes to TRY and commit suicide all the time when he knows he’s wrong or hurt someone feelings. He’s a horrible boyfriend I was with him for 3 years and he still hasn’t taken me on a 3 date shoot I wouldn’t even consider the first 2 days a date lol this guy is trash no good and he’s a drug addict and a junkie. Terrible father. Infant believe I let this loser in my life for 3 years with my kids this long I guess I was dumb but now that were thru I can find a real man and not a loser like him so ladies watch out for this clown don’t trust him he’s a liar and a cheater

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