Brent Nolette Scum Criminal

This guy Brent Is a fuking goof. He has no morals and takes advantage of woman. FYI he’s got DRDs!!! He’s done a number to the Women he’s been with, he’s an abuser punches is gf in the face breaking her nose. Pushing his pregnant gf down stairs than begging for forgiveness. He smokes meth with his ex gf Samantha Broesky in front of his 4 month old son. He took advantage and manipulated his sons mother to pay for and take care of him, and he still was abusing her. He’s a narcissist and blames everyone else for his fuk ups and why he’s a criminal. He’s very ungrateful for the help he does get and he doesn’t ever acknowledge anything. He’s a scumbag steer clear of this THING lady’s he’s a psychopath!!

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