Joseph Dugas Dirt Bag/Fake Dom

Joseph Dugas Dirt Bag/Fake Dom. This guy is a complete manwhore you will lie until his face turns blue. He gives no fuks about anyone but himself. He will leave sh1t stains in his underwear, the back of his teeth are black and his breathe is like rotting flesh from not brushing them. He hardly ever showers and gets disgusting d1ck cheese under his fourskin causing yeast infections all around. Joseph will tell you he is a Dom but doesnt know anything even close to being a proper dom with some good aftercare. He is greedy and selfish. He will tell you he loves you all the while he is trying to stick his d1ck in someone else at the same time DO NOT TRUST THIS REPULSIVE SCUMBAG. He can’t even count how many people he has fuked and he has had multiple DRDS. Enjoy!!

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