Annie (The Abusive, Junkie) Johnston

Annie (The Abusive Junkie) Johnston. Oh my, the tea I have to spill on this crazy junkie. To start she has 3 kids with 2 different baby dads. She just completely abandoned her 2 oldest kids so she could be a junkie hooker. She then ends up pregnant again. Has the baby and continues on living like the trash bag she is. Using all types of drugs. She uses so much that her teeth are now brown and rotten. Fighting with her new kids dad in front of her baby. The cops go there all time because she’s such a terrible mom. Idk how she hasn’t lost this baby. She beats ppl up and then calls the cops and say she was the victim. She is always msging ppl all hours of them night asking them for drugs and offering sexual favours behind her baby’s dad who happens to be her boyfriend. She’s an all round gross person. She doesn’t deserve to be a mother to those kids. Annie you junkie, it’s time to go to rehab and give your daughter her best chance at life. Give that child up so she doesn’t end up like you.

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