Angela Diamond — Winnipeg Thief And Lowlife

One of my friends recently dated this loser for a short time but way too long. I found out she was cheating on another guy and my friend was the side guy. She was constantly telling me sob stories about how her friends treat her so bad while in the same snetence brags about how easy they are to take avantage of and steal from. Even though she’s pushing 40 she still talks behind her friends backs like high school. With her supposed friend Kristen in the next room she’s telling me that she’s a stupid ho and that she doesn’t respect her and brags to me that she spreads rumours about her supposed friend having a bunch of DRDs just to hurt her. Next thing you know she’s telling me they slept together and next thing she’s trying to get with me. She parties like a teenager and at what was supposed to be a dinner party she came in a skimpy whore dress with her ass hanging out and plastic gogo boots and this weird ass big old lady animal print purse. She used it to steal a bunch of perfume and clothes and hair extentoins and was bragging to me about it. I told her to give it back cuz those were my friends stuff. She started crocodile tears and said she needs to sell their crap for cash and started bragging about how she steals from every house she’s ever went to. She then pulls pepsi out of her crotch and tries to bribe me to shut up about it. She’s one of the most ratchet cougars in Winnipeg just mention her name and everyone agrees with what I’m saying. The reason I finally convinced my friend to leave her ass was cuz she falsely accused another guy friend of mine of rape and tried to wreck his life with his wife and his young child. This old ass joker thinks it’s funny to brag about falsely accusing every man of rape if they reject her and goes extra hard on minorities with her white ass privalige. I’m warning you guys everything out of this pyschcos mouth is a lie. She’s a pathetic washed up lowlife who will just play the victim if you call her out on anything.

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