Taylor Fleming

Taylor Fleming. Taylor Fleming is such a dirty slut and trys to act so fuking innocent when you call her out on shit you can literally catch her in the act of doing something and she’ll try to lie around it. Recently she’s been caught on sites trying to “finesse” guys for money acting like she don’t sell pictures or anything for money but I know for a fact she does sell her pictures. Aswell as just sits around twirling the meth pipe till she smokes her bag empty then crys because she doesn’t have any and when it gets to that point she calls her mom saying she need grocery money when it’s actually for drugs if that doesn’t work she sells her pictures.. I can’t believe how she says she has such a hard like and complains so much when she’s had everything given to her like cars her rent paid for her clothing, groceries literally anything she wants she gets it but still acts like nobody does sh1t for her. Fuk she had me come back into her life for the fourth time to give her a chance and see if she’s changed but nope she’s still the same b1tch hitting up dudes behind my back and acting like she’s not Aswell as still going on sites selling pictures for money and trys saying all her pictures she took she sends to me but I’m pretty sure I’d know if I got them lol she’s such a stupid h0e and definitely deserves to be exposed I hope you see this taylor don’t be too sad about it you’ll still have that pipe to smoke your sadness away.

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