Jean Luc Lamoureux — Not Only Women But Also Men Are His Target

Jean Luc Lamoureux — Not Only Women But Also Men Are His Target. This guy Jean Luc Lamoureux has been written about on this site before. I had submitted comments back in July 2019 when I met him and i see they never got posted. So now I am writing a full submission about him. He’s a dirtbag. I met him through a mutual friend Brian (who’s also a loser) and Brian sets JL up with men to rob but first they smoke a lot of Pepsi and Tina comes to visit and then his dirty side comes out. He calls trannies over and men off Grindr to suk their d1cks. Yes you read that correctly JL the womanizer also suks men off. He helped himself to a bank card and knowing how to get into a phone with a code (to get the music back on) he used the same code and sure enough it allowed him to go to the bank machine, not once but twice. At the end of the weekend he had not had enough so he called upon Peter that lives at 199 Slater St Ottawa in Penthouse who hosts chemsex parties all the time. Coincidentally Peter was asked to vacate is condo on Cooper Street where it was a much smaller building and the property management asked him to vacate because of the visitors coming at 3am and 4am and not leaving for days. Peter drives a Bentley and JL Jean Luc found a new goat. So on the Monday morning after Peter taught him to Slam Tina (yes needles) he want to Peter’s cottage and stayed there for 4 days getting higher while he sucked Peter and Peter ate his a55. So now JL was awake for a week straight. He had a court date on Aug 7 2019 and was nervous cause he figured he would go in for 2 months. Who knows but he was out and hanging out at Brian’s Cumberland Street 1st floor condo (that Brian’s mom bought him). Doing Pepsi and calling tranny floozies from websites. In July he called a Mexican tranny from Percy St to Brian’s place and he didn’t like way she looked but took her into Brian’s bedroom and then screwed her without paying. That is a scumbag so all you boys/men that are defending him, he’s posing for pics with you but eyeing your c0ck and your wallet.

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