Angel Lizette — DRD And A Dirty Cheater

Angel Lizette — DRD And A Dirty Cheater. I dated this b1tch, she cheated and gave me a drd. She doesn’t even know who’s her babies dad is. She’s fuked many men, even get gfs husbands. Got more pictures. She fuks anything. Esp old men. She is dirty as fuk. Can’t you tell she does crack. Huge huge crack head. She stole my wallet and found her all cracked out. She’s also a drunk. Elsalvador is her fake dad. She’s pure cree. She’s even has crabs before. Has sex dirty. She fuks Small cause she is DRD. …u canttell by this. You slept with this drd crack head, I’d get checked for more then drd. Disgusting pig slut and if you slept with my gf even within two years good luck.

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