Samantha Meerdink — Nasty Home Wrecking Back Stabbing Floozy With Daddy Issues

The name says it all! This nasty back stabbing floozy has given enough DRD infested BJs to buy herself a brand new truck! Watch out ladies when this whore rolls up, this chick loves the c0ck and doesn’t care if your man is spoken for. She’s like a desperate daughter to get her daddy’s approval, so jealous of her mom and all of her boyfriends. Daddy couldn’t buy my truck, so the next best ham will do!! This cvm guzzling whore can’t get enough, she just spreads those fat loosey goosey thighs. If the shoe fits wear it, if the soap itches you’ve probably shared too many bars of soap, and men. Watch out PG men, this dumb b1tch will deliver you more than your parts (extra set of underwear is needed) she makes sure she leaves you with more than just a bill! Beware guys, she will easily pass you something, so if you want to pump a round in her trow worn cooch or just want a Bj, be prepared to have a lifetime present!

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