24 Fat Loser Who Likes All Kids Of Girls

This is ANITINO I am dating him i 19 yrs old I found out he is dating two other woman and he uses them and he has small greg and he always the woman to out and buy him thing and sleep over at his moms house he wants baby with me and begs me I am sick of the games and the blackmailing of sexy pictures unless we have baby he cheats on me so many times and he wants boy so badly makes me feel bad if I never see or talk to him, his new Instagram is a.m.24 He always tells me to the other girls the truth he is in new relationship so they go away he gets mad when I ignored him he freaks out I found he Was cheating he gave me drd have proof! He is dirty and wants kids so anyone knows this guy he is greasy and dirty and boyfriends aware of this guy he doesn’t care he makes me feel and then abuses if I say no he is sad asshole who play games with many different girls ANITINO your caught I told you stop cheating and lying wow your deadbeat father Btw i have girls and their boyfriends if you dont believe me his greg is 3 inches not 9 inches he is fat smelly guy his mom makes.him shower he cries

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